Wednesday, 22 January 2020

New in our Online Gallery: Artist Anita Püspök 

"I have a dream, I want my colours to make the world happy.”

Anita Püspök was born in Budapest, Hungary on the 16th of February 1972. 
Her paintings represent the modern trend of lyrical abstract. She is inspired by the themes of music, nature and its phenomena; the depth, the flow, the light, sounds and colors, the symbiosis with nature can be felt.
By this,  these magical paintings are born, within the sensual, suggestive and decorative visual world. On the paintings are many layers of paint, various mineral grains and fine layers of loose lacquer alternate, blends of colours give the harmony of the image.
She paints in harmony with spirituality, emotions and colours.

Exciting news for Anita: She has been selected for The Royal Arts Prize Exhibition 2020. This event showcase's some of the world’s best artistic talent and will be held 20th - 29th of February in London.
The Royal Arts Prize allows emerging as well as established artists to reach diverse audiences and to gain invaluable exposure. The prize is awarded to the artist who creates the most meaningful connection and impact, using original thought and creativity to achieve this.

The winner of The Royal Arts Prize will be selected by a judging panel of 8 art relevant persons and will be announced at the end of the show.

Beautiful Rainy Day

Hot Glow

Sacred Landscape

Sweet Day
If you want to know more about this artist please check out our website: or send us an email to:

Thursday, 2 January 2020

Whoop whoop, 2020 has started! It is going to be an incredible year; the agenda is ambitious and unbelievably inspiring, so of course we are very excited! Let's rock 2020!

Monday, 9 December 2019

New in our online exposition: Ambro Dritty

Ambro Dritty, born in 1957, lives and works in The Netherlands. He considers himself an autodidact who still wonders about his own creations. He followed the Art Academy in Hasselt for some time, but this training could add little to the inner guidance the artist felt. After 25 years of painting, the essence of the artist is clearly visible. Like a mystery the image of the human being pervades in our sparkling time. Who are we? The answer to that question still seems to exist in the beauty of the body, the language of our gestures and loving commitment to each other what we are always looking for. A painting can express a different truth than a thought. When the mystery of the moment touches a spectator, a silence is felt that the painting wants to express. The big hands that people so often see in these paintings of Ambro Dritty are symbols of a protective force that carries us and expresses our desire and endeavor in life. The light in the work plays a dramatic role: everything appears and disappears without leaving any trace. The delicious free adventure of life.

Dark Blue Love

Orange Flight

 Tango Dancers
Tango Dancers

The arrival of the blue man

Monday, 11 November 2019

New work in our online Gallery

We are very proud to introduce to you our new artist: 
Zeiko Duka

Let us introduce her to you:
Georgia born, London-Athens based artist Zeiko Duka was graduated from the faculty of Architecture, of the Academy of Fine Arts Mixa Zichi, Tbilisi, Georgia.
After graduate she did 3 years’ postgraduate studies in Industrial Design at the University of Fine Arts Ivan Surikov, Moscow, Russia. Since 1992 she is member of the “Chamber of Fine Arts of Greece” (EETE). All these years she collaborates with companies as architect designer.
 Love 100 x 50 cm Oil on Canvas

At the same time, she continued activities in the painting, which has begun from her childhood. She started her participation in solo and group exhibitions since she was a child 6 year. Took part of worldwide exhibitions and Art Fair. Her work was in British GQ (VOGUE House), World Wide Art Books ‘’CURRENT MASTERS’’ USA, ‘’Inspiration: INTERNATIONAL ART BOOK’’ UK, ‘’Circle Foundation of the arts’’ France. Also, her works are in different private collections, as: USA, United Kingdom, Greece, Georgia, Russia, Brazil, Canada, Mexico, Italy and Morocco
The art of Zeiko Duka is evolving incessantly. Her masterful manipulation of light and dark and the fluidity of forms seem like a pictorial portrayal of music sonata. She depicts her dreams and imagination in a symphony of color palette, that burst out of the canvas or paper with the emotional force of the spring.
She depicts semi-figurative human shapes in sensuous, flesh-toned circles. Her imagery is as mysterious and ephemeral as a dream. She blends dimensional planes in dramatic, sweeping movements, avoiding mundane detail and giving the neoclassical works a surreal quality. As the plot unfolds, the veneer is stripped away and the fundamental, basic truth is revealed to the viewer in a crescendo of free – flowing color.
La Gitana 44 x 34 cm oil on canvas

The Zeiko's style is harmonic mix of Modernism, Impressionism, Abstract painting and like photorealism and surrealism, are all part of her art family. She has always managed to slip away from the real modernism definitions, had to draw a line, radical way of thinking by own way, with no boundaries set by traditional method. The thin brush strokes, common and ordinary subjects, unusual angles are some features of Zeiko's style of art painting.
Thirst for life 100 x 50 oil on canvas

She illustrates human life, but not in the truest of forms, and can be classified as her abstract art. This is a real product of radical thought. Every object on the canvas or paper is represented as either colors and or shapes. A simple shape on the painting can do many wonders, might augment the shape with some simple exaggerations. Sometimes, the shape is scaled down to produce the effect she wants. The colors on the images represent emotions and shapes symbolize objects.
In Zeiko's multiform art you will find traces of abstract thinking in Abstract and Surrealism. This is actually a movement that sprouted in many forms of her visual artworks.

If you want to read more of her, we invite you to go to our website.

Friday, 4 October 2019

Castle Woerden in Woerden - Pop-up Gallery with Associates Des Arts, October  11 & 12  2019

Castle Woerden

Woerden has been an important location since time immemorial. First, the Romains found their hotspot because of De Rijn. And later the French, who, while fighting or the water line, left a huge trail of destruction behind. The residents of Woerden certainly must have embraced this Castle, which contributed to their safety and the defense of their living environment. Over the years, this building had various destinations; from prison to clothing warehouse and from hospital to office space.
On Friday, October 11th from 12:00 - 20:00 hrs, and Saturday, October 12th from: 12:00 - 17:00 hrs. Associates Des Arts organizes Gallery Des Arts, in cooperation with Dutch Luxury Design, in order to blend art with interior design.

Spectacular location for an Art Exposition
If you would like to visit the Pop Up Gallery Des Arts, please contact us or sign up for your free entrance ticket here with Eventbrite
We hope to see you there!

Saturday, 21 September 2019

New in our Portfolio

We are very proud to introduce to you our new artist: Daniëlle van Herk.

Daniëlle is a Dutch painter, living in the South of the Netherlands. She studied textiles and drawing and graphic design and later on in her life interior design. She worked for several years as an interior designer (specialized in colors scheme’s) in her own company Stijl Compagnie. Creativity has always been a common thread in her life and she likes to explore that by doing all kinds of creative workshops like silk-painting, goldsmith, felting, stained glass and photography.
But most of all she loves to paint and at this point in her life she is happy to spend much more time at her studio. A day of painting usually starts with a walk in nature companied by her dog. Back at the studio she puts on some music and lets intuition and sensitivity do their job as she comes in a creative flow.
"Cosmic" acryl on canvas 100 x 70 cm

For her the process of creating a painting, the use of material and the development from paint and other (rest) materials on the canvas is the magic. Layer after layer she adds more or less texture and structure, sometimes very quick and powerful and sometimes serene and transparent. It’s her challenge to explore the power of colour but it also interests her what happens if she if she limits herself in the number of colours she wants to use. For example: only black and white or just two or three colours.

"Passage" acryl on canvas 100 x 120 cm

"Transition" acryl on canvas 60 x 90 cm

She likes to work figurative and abstract to give the viewer space to experience the atmosphere and layers of her work and fill in their own feelings and view. The biggest compliment for her is when the viewer constantly discovers new things in her work and is sucked into it, as it were.

QUOTE: “As an inexorable daydreamer and truly pacifist, I try to make art that will brighten up your day“