Thursday, 5 November 2020

Salon Des Arts at SieMatic Amsterdam


Our Salon Des Arts at SieMatic at the Vondelpark, or the special 'Art & Design Experience' where we combine unique works of art with the timelessly elegant kitchens of SieMatic, continues unabated. In fact, recently we positioned a number of works by Wil Lof.  

Interested in watching these works live? Then make an appointment by sending us an email or whatsapp  to 0031 6083707830

Monday, 10 August 2020

New works in Gallery Shop!

This month, we present to you new works in our Gallery Shop!

Bronze sculpture by Dominique Prins. This Dutch artist is this month´s Artist On Stage.
Take advantage of the one-off discount, only in the month of August, of 10% on all her works!

Furthermore, new works of Zeiko Duka, Wil Lof, Manuela Wenger and Jan Teunissen.

Have a look at the Gallery Shop and enjoy!

Wednesday, 29 July 2020

New Glass Works by Jeroen van de Brug

Years ago Jeroen van de Brug and his wife Jeannette came into contact with glass art in Leerdam. A visit to a glass gallery there made them fall like a rock for a few unique objects by Floris Meydam. These pieces became the start of their private collection of various, most Dutch glass artists. Thus they eagerly began to read about glass art and to get acquainted with various glass artists. Because Jeroen was captivated by the glass and wanted to work with it;he went looking for the various techniques to get an idea of ​​what is possible and especially what is not possible with the hot glass.

Jeroen started designing in blown and cut glass.

In the performance of his pieces, Jeroen has searched for the play of light and color, to which the use of thick glass / crystal is particularly suitable. The shapes are usually organic and quite heavy due to the use of a lot of clear glass. He chooses his colors with care and names them, if possible, on the basis of gemstones. He typifies a piece in which olive-like colors have been used as Peridot, green as Emerald, red is Garnet or Ruby and purple is Alexandrite or Amathist and blue, for example, Sapphire or Aquamarine.

We have a nice selection of his work in our gallery shop.
Click on a photo to see more and enjoy!

 Glacier Alexandrite


Thursday, 18 June 2020

Recently added in Gallery Shop

Recently we added some new works of our artists and we are happy to show them to you:

Together with Hub Pollen we selected from his portfolio new works including these beauties.
Hub´s still-lifes are stunningly realistic. "Art should be just beautiful. I think that's the only unpretentious aspect to my work”

 Asperagus with blossom

Hermien Buytendijk's works are of a completely different category: Her works are made of highly fired ceramics.This makes the ceramic sculpture resistant to weather damage and alows them to be placed outdoors to brighten up your garden!
According to Hermien, people can be as they are, but with an eye for all their craziness and weaknesses. "The images often express something I do myself."

Wednesday, 3 June 2020

ART & INTERIOR with Jos, Erlinde and Daniëlle!

We believe that Interior and Art belong together:

Together with our partner Associates Des Arts and Associate SieMatic, we developed a special art and design experience in their stunning flagshipstore in Amsterdam. Labeled by 'Salon Des Arts - Women Artists', we present the carefully selected artworks of three artists; Jos Out, Daniëlle van Herk and Erlinde Boersma, matching three SieMatic kitchen lifestyles, shown on three floors.
Please, make an appointment with SieMatic to view this exposition after you enjoyed this video!

Contact SieMatic:
Hobbemastraat 2
1071 ZA Amsterdam
T: 020 705 9910

Movie made by Smid Productions

Tuesday, 26 May 2020


HOME DECO SHOP by Associates Des Arts

Yes! The brand new online Home Deco Shop by our partner Associates Des Arts is ready for you! A big thank you to the Designers,  with whom we selected the most beautiful home decoration items.
Please, have a look and enjoy shopping!

With the creation of Associates Des Arts, our goal is to make the world a little happier. We know that beautiful things, such as art and design, make people happy. With our platform, where artists and designers present their creations and their stories, we offer you that happiness.

Friday, 1 May 2020

New in our online gallery: Anita de Leeuw

Anita de Leeuw is an intuitive painter and brings back the stratification of life in her paintings in combination with accompanying poetry. With her works she tries to make people feel better and create an awareness that there is more between heaven and earth. By using light, color and metal pigments, this always provides a unique image.


The longer you stand in front of her canvases, the more you will perceive. Nothing is what it seems. Just like life as we experience it now. By being open and transparent and looking at both the painting and life differently, you will notice a change. Her square and round paintings are also cast in limited edition in epoxy so that they impress even more with the energy and love it radiates.


According to Anita, art has been moving people for centuries, to give rooms and spaces depth by placing paintings, images and other art objects.
An artist is a soul who shines his light with his creations:

"The source of love for all that is will always be there."


Do you want to see more of Anita´s work? We invite you to go to our webshop: