Thursday 20 February 2020

New in our online gallery: Josephine de Jongh

Josephine de Jongh, Dr Josie MD, started intuitive drawing and painting in 2015.

Intuitive art is a very direct way to express oneself and make the shift from the head to the heart. ‘Let it flow.’ The idea of intuitive art is not plan anything in front but to be open to what comes up in the moment. It’s a good way to reconnect with oneself, learn to trust intuition, explore the subconscious mind and experience joy, freedom and inner peace. Josephine´s works are characterized by bright colors, curly shapes, elements from nature and light energy. The paintings radiate joy and have a positive impact. After 16 years working as a physician, nowadays dr Josie helps people write and bring out their personal life experience stories. She already published 2 books in Dutch. She gives masterclasses intuitive drawing, exposes her art and is the chairperson of the Ellamo Foundation. This Foundation aims to raise consciousness in the world by films, books and a positive news broadcast. The priority of the Foundation at this moment is empowering women and children in order to improve happiness in the world and to keep the planet habitable for humans and other species in the first place.




Relighted Fire

Ten percent of all proceedings go to the Ellamo Foundation.