Monday, 3 May 2021

New Artists in our Online Gallery

Dear friends,

Recently we added new artists to our online gallery and we are happy to introduce them to you:


Carl is a practicing sculptor since a number of years. Originally educated and working as an architect, he developed a passion for working with steel as a form of free expression. His work is abstract by definition and effectively is a search for the visual power of different geometric shapes. His intention is to create objects that will enter into a (silent) dialogue with its spectators.


Marlies Geldof is an artist with a large fascination for bright earth tones, gradients, organic shapes, but also geometry and the human body.
After exploring different paths in her life, the passion for art and the power of creation proved stronger than anything else. Art has always been a prominent element in her life. Therefore she devoted her life to making various art forms containing resin, crackle, organic structures, the contrasts between those structures and geometry.


Color through emotion and emotion through color. That is the main drive behind the expressive portraits of artist Bianca Ruizendaal, known as art by BruiZ.
Faces and emotions are the food of the process in portraying everyone’s unique personality on canvas. Vibrant accents and dynamic shapes become one in a portrait the beholder will not be able to take its’ eyes of. With her paintbrushes and mentality she seeks aesthetic in both people and animals.

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