Monday 9 December 2019

New in our online exposition: Ambro Dritty

Ambro Dritty, born in 1957, lives and works in The Netherlands. He considers himself an autodidact who still wonders about his own creations. He followed the Art Academy in Hasselt for some time, but this training could add little to the inner guidance the artist felt. After 25 years of painting, the essence of the artist is clearly visible. Like a mystery the image of the human being pervades in our sparkling time. Who are we? The answer to that question still seems to exist in the beauty of the body, the language of our gestures and loving commitment to each other what we are always looking for. A painting can express a different truth than a thought. When the mystery of the moment touches a spectator, a silence is felt that the painting wants to express. The big hands that people so often see in these paintings of Ambro Dritty are symbols of a protective force that carries us and expresses our desire and endeavor in life. The light in the work plays a dramatic role: everything appears and disappears without leaving any trace. The delicious free adventure of life.

Dark Blue Love

Orange Flight

 Tango Dancers
Tango Dancers

The arrival of the blue man