Wednesday 29 July 2020

New Glass Works by Jeroen van de Brug

Years ago Jeroen van de Brug and his wife Jeannette came into contact with glass art in Leerdam. A visit to a glass gallery there made them fall like a rock for a few unique objects by Floris Meydam. These pieces became the start of their private collection of various, most Dutch glass artists. Thus they eagerly began to read about glass art and to get acquainted with various glass artists. Because Jeroen was captivated by the glass and wanted to work with it;he went looking for the various techniques to get an idea of ​​what is possible and especially what is not possible with the hot glass.

Jeroen started designing in blown and cut glass.

In the performance of his pieces, Jeroen has searched for the play of light and color, to which the use of thick glass / crystal is particularly suitable. The shapes are usually organic and quite heavy due to the use of a lot of clear glass. He chooses his colors with care and names them, if possible, on the basis of gemstones. He typifies a piece in which olive-like colors have been used as Peridot, green as Emerald, red is Garnet or Ruby and purple is Alexandrite or Amathist and blue, for example, Sapphire or Aquamarine.

We have a nice selection of his work in our gallery shop.
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 Glacier Alexandrite