Tuesday 26 May 2020


HOME DECO SHOP by Associates Des Arts

Yes! The brand new online Home Deco Shop by our partner Associates Des Arts is ready for you! A big thank you to the Designers,  with whom we selected the most beautiful home decoration items.
Please, have a look and enjoy shopping!

With the creation of Associates Des Arts, our goal is to make the world a little happier. We know that beautiful things, such as art and design, make people happy. With our platform, where artists and designers present their creations and their stories, we offer you that happiness.

Friday 1 May 2020

New in our online gallery: Anita de Leeuw

Anita de Leeuw is an intuitive painter and brings back the stratification of life in her paintings in combination with accompanying poetry. With her works she tries to make people feel better and create an awareness that there is more between heaven and earth. By using light, color and metal pigments, this always provides a unique image.


The longer you stand in front of her canvases, the more you will perceive. Nothing is what it seems. Just like life as we experience it now. By being open and transparent and looking at both the painting and life differently, you will notice a change. Her square and round paintings are also cast in limited edition in epoxy so that they impress even more with the energy and love it radiates.


According to Anita, art has been moving people for centuries, to give rooms and spaces depth by placing paintings, images and other art objects.
An artist is a soul who shines his light with his creations:

"The source of love for all that is will always be there."


Do you want to see more of Anita´s work? We invite you to go to our webshop: